Everyone should use bicycle for short journeys ?

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Ride Bicycle

Bicycle– Every single people knows the bicycle is one of transportation that really popular in our life especially when someone was child cause almost of the people agree the first transportation that someone can ride is bicycle. Bicycle is also mechanism that has successfully transported man for many decades. Especially before the invention of the automobile, people heavily relied on bicycles to get from here to there.

Nowadays, the development of transportation sector is really quick which influence everyone to try and have a new one. The rapid development of transportation is one of the reason that make some people leave to ride the bicycle even for short distances. However, there is some people still loyal to ride the bicycle in their life even that for short trip or long one. Everyone can choose what side they want to be and everyone have a reason.

The people who agree that everyone should use bicycle for short journeys say bicycling is a great way to move from one place to another in short distances. They believe they should use a bicycle for short distances to protect the environment as well as their health. By riding a bicycle, people can decrease gasoline consumption, improve the quality of their lives, and protect the environment. As we know when we use a bicycle for short distances is that we can cause a decrease of pollution.

Logically, when people use a bicycle for short distances they can help lower gasoline consumption. If they use a bicycle or a car to move to a place that is near their home, they will decrease the gasoline consumption of their car. This can save a lot of money because the price of gas is expensive. Maybe, it is the laziness of some people who use their cars to drive to places that are near their homes.

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In another side, the people who disagree that everyone should use bicycle for short journeys say even cycling is all well and good, but it’s not practical as a mode of transport. It’s slow. You get hot and sweaty. You need to wear special clothing. You can’t carry things, especially heavy objects. When the weather is bad, cycling is difficult or impossible.

Many people can’t ride a bike, or are too unfit, or too elderly. Trips with children have to be made by car. There are many loads that are too heavy, or too inconvenient, to carry by bike. Sometimes person cannot ride a bicycle, or the weather is too bad. Or you may simply be a person who doesn’t want to ride a bike.

These are some excellent reasons to ride a bicycle for short journeys. The people need to make a distinction when it is better to use a car or a bicycle. We need to keep in mind that riding a bicycle will provide us with health and other benefits. A bicycle can save us money in gas and also decrease the rate of pollution.

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